Friday, 17 March 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 16:03:2017.

For the first time in 2017 I was able to walk to the radio station along the River Dart. Surrounded by birdsong, and the warning signs for killer toads!
Tonights broadcast was a mixture of new releases, latest arrivals and old favourites. March 16 also marks the 37th anniversary of The Pop Group's second album "For How Much Longer … Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?". Also managed a few more tracks from the upcoming "Harbinger Sound Sampler" compilation (double) LP.
Due to the programme that usually precedes MuhMur Radio not turning in for their shift I was able to start about 5 minutes earlier than usual so topped and tailed the programme with Grant Evan's "Manson Loop". Apologies for the croaky voice too (not a reference to killer toads!), just recovering from a chesty cough….
Anyway, Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste) :

Playlist :
01: Grant Evans : "Manson Loop" (Not On Label) 2017.
02: Modelbau : "Nearly" (Attenuation Circuit) 2017.
03: Theme : "Enough Is Never (Parts 1 - 3)" (Idioblast) 2014.
04: Copley Medal : "Ger Lopig" (Ideal Recordings) 2016.
05: Pawel Grabowski : "Cirr's Song 2" (Drone Records) 2005.
06: brb>voicecoil : "Vent 2" (MuzaMuza Records) 2017.
07: The Pop Group : "Blind Faith" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
08: The Pop Group : "Justice" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
09: Crisis : "Frustration" (Aardkor Records) 1980.
10: Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life : "Your Day Will Come" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
11: Sleaford Mods : "Fat Tax" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
12: Sleaford Mods : "Big Trouble In Little Costa" (Rough Trade Records) 2017.
13: Concrete : "Steven Judy" (Concrete Productions) 1981.
14: Circuit Breaker : "Duplicate" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
15: Felt : "My Face Is On Fire" (Cherry Red Records) 1982.
16: Massicot : "Koktails" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
17: Pisse : "Drehtür" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
18: Karies : "Es Lachte" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
19: On On On : "Floppy World" (Trim Tab tapes) 2016.
20: Joy Division : "These Days" (Factory Records) 1980.
21: Coldsore : "Pollutant" (Totes Format) 2017.
22: Soviet France : "Music For A Spaghetti Western (Scene 4)" (Klanggalerie) 2005.
23: Dave Phillips : "?#1" (Heart & Crossbone) 2010.
24: Grant Evans : "Manson Loop" (Not On Label) 2017.

Next broadcast will be on March 30 at 20:00 gmt.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Over the last few days (great band) I have been listening to the latest release from brb>voicecoil. A cassette release on the MuzaMuza label.
The last time I heard brb>voice coil was on the 2010 split album release on Harbinger Sound, they shared the LP with Spoils & Relics. On this LP, brb>voicecoil bring a side long piece called "Valmara 69". It's a good track with sounds that seem to be travelling somewhere, slowly starting the journey and then coming to a sudden halt….and it's back to the beginning.
Strangely enough the end of "Valmara 69" sounds a lot like the beginning of "Cloth White Skin" the title track of the new cassette, and covering the whole of Side A. (But more about that later)…

brb>voice coil is the brainchild of Kevin Wilkinson from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Back in the 1990's Kevin started the label MuzaMuza with releases from Cathedra, Drill, Jazzfinger, Mlehst and Big Road Breaker. Big Road Breaker was Kevin's project in the 1990's. (BRB…geddit?). Around the turn of the century Big Road Breaker became brb>voicecoil, and after a six year hiatus he is back with "Cloth White Skin". "Cloth White Skin" is a C24 tape on MuzaMuza.
As mentioned earlier it all starts where "Valmara 69" left off on the abandoned factory floor. A factory of old automaton machines. The sound of rolling metal and clanking of rusting machines. Clockwork. Put me in mind of what The New Blockaders "Unplugged" album would sound like…..without realising a distortion has melted into the scenario..crashing and crescending. Then, rather like the construct of "Valmara 69" it all ends with minimal fuss as the room empties out and all the sounds have gone. Side 2 begins with "Crack Vessel". A staggered impulsive scratch with the manipulated sound of dripping liquids. It's irritable and internal. "Vent 2" is similar, a rhythmic pulse has replaced the irritable scratch and the dripping liquids have been distorted to sound like a voice screaming for help through an off-tuned AM radio. It's a great effect, with the addition of electric worms escaping at every chance …. The pulse beat ends the trauma.
Excellent cassette release and good to hear brb>voicecoil after so many years of silence.

There are moments of Muennich, Krube, Spoils & Relics and Mark Durgan littered throughout. It's available through MuzaMuza at or through Alt.Vinyl Shop.

01 :"Cloth White Skin" cover.
02: "Cloth White Skin" Cassette.
03: "Valmara 69" (Harbinger Sound) LP 2010.
04: Kevin Wilkinson.

Friday, 3 March 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 02:03:2017.

This programme begins with a 53 minute live recording from Anders Børup and Claus Poulsen. It was performed on the 27th January this year at the EliasKirken in Copenhagen. Anders and Claus make up two thirds of Danish trio CAM. Claus also performs in Star Turbine and Small Things On Sundays.  The recording is exclusive to MuhMur Radio, as are the two pieces from Grey Park. This is their second MuhMur Radio "Session" with "Left Hand Electronics" + "Meet The Ancient". Although Grey Park are a fluid co-operative I think Nosfe + Plaa are involved in these tracks. With these exclusive recordings I decided to complete the playlist with Scandinavian sounds … including the whole of Side A of the new LP from Wagner Ødegard. "Nidvintern". The Treriksröset track comes from the new Harbinger Sound Sampler. A double LP out on March 23.
Please copy & paste :

01: Anders Børup & Claus Poulsen : "EliasKirken. 27:01:2017" (Not On Label) 2017.
     (this piece is exclusive to MuhMur Radio).
02: Wagner Ødegard : "Stympad Och Steglad" (Not On Label) 2017.
03: Grey Park : "Left Hand Electronics" (Not On Label) 2017.
     (this piece is exclusive to MuhMur Radio).
04: Grey Park : "Electric Robot" (Not On Label) 2000.
05: Grey Park : "Melt The Ancient" (Not On Label) 2017.
      (this piece is exclusive to MuhMur Radio).
06: Small Things On Sundays : "Lost Beacon" (Frozen Light) 2017.
07: Nolls : "Alley" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
08: Nolls : "Young" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
09: Nolls : "Told You" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
10: Nolls : "Flowing" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
11: Nolls : "Rapport" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
12: Nolls : "Nerve" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
13: Nolls : "Batteries" (Lucked Out tapes) 2016.
                 (All Nolls tracks from the LP "Strange Attitude").
14: The Leo Bugariloves : "Hyrysysy" (Longplay Music) 2011.
15: Treriksröset : "Blurred Lines" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.

Outside the radio station, on the wall of the Space Studios is an exhibition by Exeter based artist Richard Rochester. The charcoal drawing of "Newton Woods" and the grave headstone rubbings are from the exhibition. If you visiting Dartington Hall it is well worth a look.